Vision & Mission

‘One Love Humanity’ holds the keys to connect to the people;
To awaken within each of us a Love Revolution.
A movement in conscious awakening; for ourselves,
our relationships and our communities.
To collectively shift the heart of humanity;

One Love Humanity (OLH) provides face-to-face and online educational and transformational programs, coaching, mentoring, training and development, worldwide retreats, certifications, activism, and consulting packages globally. Our ethos is one of understanding, guidance, empowerment, learning, training, development, practice, and collaboration.

Our OLH team empowers people to expand their thinking, become more emotionally and culturally self-aware, deepen their relationships, advance their lives, and transform their blocks, limitations, and fears. We do this through expanding and building awareness around, communication, culture, connection, collaboration, and community.

Our organisation is an educational academy and recourse centre.

We have partnered with local and global coaches, mentors, trainers, counsellors, psychologists, and pioneers in the field of mental, somatic, and emotional health, consciousness, lifestyle, and well-being so that we have a diverse team of professionals who are serving the community.

Our teachers are world class leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, scholars, academics, poets, artists, elders, and professionals who embody transformational change on a personal level, while endeavouring to develop tangible systematic cultural shifts also. This pathway includes a radical commitment to revolutionising new systems, structures, and strategies for a more deeply interconnected world that sees humanity progressing and advancing beyond the intersectionality of class, status, gender, race and religion.

We are further developing our foundation in humanitarian activism and ambassadorship. A One Love department that represents causes which require representation and a strong, passionate, and well-informed voice for truth and justice.

Our organisation works with men, women, families, communities, and organisations to improve personal and team relationships, emotional and cultural development and intelligence, cross cultural communication, and leadership, while developing, building, and facilitating soulful programs that create lasting and sustainable change.

One love humanity is passionate about human rights, equal rights, woman’s rights, and Indigenous self-determination.

One love humanity also acknowledges trans-generational trauma that has been created through generations of colonialism, political corruption, gender violence, cultural oppression, prejudice, systematic racism, and diverse world views. Our organisation is therefore committed to developing platforms of healing, reconciliation and educational excellence that uplifts the decency, equality, and capacity of everyone to live life at their optimal capacity without fear, displacement, or oppression.

When humankind embraces our unique gifts, talents, and diversity we can work together, create effective, sustainable, futuristic solutions on a local and global level. This begins with recognising the significant opportunities that exist in creating partnerships, alliances and foundations of community capacity building that comes together and works together to serve ourselves and the universal dream of community.



United Empress Women’s Empowerment
8 Day Retreat

Melbourne Sister Circle Awakening the Sacred Feminine Women’s Healing, Empowerment & Embodiment

Magic Woman

1 Day Women’s Empowerment Immersion

Holy Rose

12 week online Mentorship

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Mentoring Programs
with Mary & Jonathan

Limited Spaces Available

Mentoring Programs
with OLH Practitioners

Limited Spaces Available
View Our Practitioners


Love, Intimacy & Soulful Relationships

Sacred Marriage Part 1

4 Day Retreat
Information, Videos & Testimonials

Empath Warrior & Indigenous Connection

6 Day Retreat
Empath Warrior
Information, Videos & Testimonials
Indigenous Connection
Information, Videos & Testimonials

Love, Intimacy & Soulful Relationships

Sacred Marriage Part 2

8 Day Retreat
Information, Videos & Testimonials

One Love Humanity presents; United Voices for Peace, 2022 Global Conference. Join our Australian & International Ambassadors, Leaders & Facilitators in Humanitarian Leadership, Personal Empowerment, Abuse, & Healing Transgenerational Trauma, Inter-Cultural Collaboration and much more.

Click Here for a list of our 70+ Australian & International Leaders in Personal Empowerment & Soulful Connections, who presented at the One Love Humanity Rebirth Awakening Summit 2021.