Alison Elisabeth

Events, Retreats & Creative

Hi, my name is Alison, I have been a student of One Love Humanity since 2013. During that time I have been fortunate enough to attend and experience many life changing workshops, retreats and personal coaching sessions with Mary, Jonathan and the One Love Humanity support team.

I am passionate about the healing process, nature, being on Country, self reflection, soul activating adventures and being of service to humanity.

The One Love Humanity programs and teachings have helped me become a healthier, happier and more confident woman who accepts life’s challenges and gifts with unwavering strength and fearlessness.

One of my deepest values as a human being is ‘learning, development and growth’ – and to embody the most authentic life personally, professionally, and intimately. This strengthens all foundations including family, purpose and community Development.

I help organise the One Love Humanity events, retreats and set up the creative environments for the most optimal learning opportunities where people feel connected, alive, and uplifted.

These environments allow you to break through old conditions, patterns, thoughts and pain, while offering you safe access to change. Here is where you choose to turn wounding into wisdom. I’m here for that.

This ultimately sparks an inner awakening, a shift in consciousness and deep ever lasting healing.

I thrive in helping to create these safe and sacred spaces for others to journey in, on retreats nationally and internationally as well as workshops and meditations for many years.

Completing their training as a OLH Relationship Coach in 2019, I enjoy continuing to discover my own self limitations and true heart connection as a path to recognising truth as a soul experiencing human evolution.

I hope to one day be able to give back to others in the way I’ve been gifted, through the extraordinary soul growth with One Love Humanity.

To help others remember the love that they are, to know they are not alone or forgotten through the wisdom of my heart.

I am a healer and love to facilitate energy work to bring people back into balance.

I am currently undertaking studies in Individual Support, so I can be a supportive helping hand for those in need in our communities.

“The stars have sung your name
Time and again
And they shall sing your soul home
Until the day you arrive

Until then
The earth
Sweetens your dreams
And guides your light into the
Depth of your love
Until you remember.”