Egypt Alchemy - Accessing the God/Goddess Codes


Egypt Alchemy – Accessing the God – Goddess Codes
are offered as a combined

These Retreats are for couples or individuals wishing to
understand, explore and create their ideal relationship.

It’s Official! After 8 years of asking my ‘Cosmic Mentors’ whether ‘One Love Humanity’ was ready to initiate a group of men and women into the Egyptian mysteries!

We finally got a YES for 2020! Something very powerful is going to be alchemising in the geometric LEI LINES and ancient lands of Cairo.

A solar illumination and alignment.
An awakening of the ‘ancient people alive in each of us.
A re-union of the God-Goddess codes inside the Earth consciousness.

Hidden in Ancient Egypt’s rich history are dormant memories awaiting retrieval and where codes activate personal and global alignments.

Meditate in the great pyramid, sail the Nile River and
walk directly on ancient history.

This training will be unlike any other! We will ‘time travel’ (back, present and future) to complete a very ancient cycle and to finally step into our power as we open up a new gateway of infinite possibility’s for ourselves and humanity.

I am searching for 22 gate keepers only for this experience!

This is a ONCE OFF training initiation.
By application and interview only.
We are commencing our discovery sessions from January.
Waiting list available. Payment plans available

Mary Mikhael and her beloved Jonathan David – Founders’ of One Love Humanity deeply explore the landscape of the shadow in the search for spiritual truth. Follow them into the deepest Egyptian mysteries and awaken your inner-self whilst re-gaining your access points to your physical body temple as an embodiment gateway of alchemical experience.
‘EGYPT ALCHEMY – Accessing the God-Goddess Codes’ retreat immersion offers you time to discover more profound parts of you where you accelerate personal growth and learn to masterfully step into your mastery, kingdom and queendom whilst activating your genius codes to live in alignment to your soul mission.

The Retreat will also include:

  • Daily meditation journeys and yoga
  • Delicious vegetarian meals

These Retreats are for individuals and couples.

Our teachings come from divine wisdom and holds a high consciousness and

The destiny of the Sacred Marriage is to create balance and equality in relationships; to create harmony from chaos and expand love through manifestation, consciousness and co-creation.

Congratulations on taking this conscious step toward your own Sacred Marriage and Conscious Relationship. We are so looking forward to meeting you and going on this Sacred Journey together. Prepare yourself for many huge transformations.

In Divine Unconditional Love,

Mary Mikhael Angelique & Jonathan David

Founders and Co-Creators of One Love Humanity

Keepers of the Beloved Sacred Flame

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