Florenda Llanasa

One Love Administration

My name is Florenda Llanasa One Love Humanity Administration Assistant from Davao City Philippines.

I am a mother of 3. I love spending my weekends with my family, enjoying life, nature and food.

I believe that love is relational, and we grow by and through others. Our lessons, experiences and friendships help us become better people, and so I live my life paying it forward the best I can.

It brings my heart great joy and happiness to enjoy and live life 100% surrounded by amazing people who can love and support one another.

I am passionate about being a valued team member at One Love Humanity. I have been fortunate enough to be employed full time by ONH for eight years. Mary and Jonathan are deeply committed to their community mission, and I am equally devoted to assisting them create more streamlined systems for our business, as well as welcoming you on board in whichever capacity.

My role at One Love Humanity sees me juggle many cool multi tasking jobs, ranging from pa duties, billing, email marketing, design, calendar management, social media posting and organising files.

When the retreat season is high and alive, I also managed clients inquiries, customer support, payment plans and all inquiries.

I believe in honesty and good working relationships as core values that allow partnerships to thrive.

One Love Humanity has helped me become professional in any aspect of my life. It truly is a global tribe. I am incredibly grateful to be involved in a global platform that inspires others to transform their lives and reach for personal and professional excellence.

Please reach out to us when you are ready, and I would be honoured to serve you and point you in the right direction.