Hi beautiful,

Thank you so much for responding to the GOLDEN Scholarship opportunity that I’ve been guided to offer one woman to journey Priestess Alchemy – Holy Rose 12 week mentorship.

So many gorgeous people will have applied, and I WANT YOU ALL!

This program is an initiation and deep alchemical immersion into temple arts, woman craft, devotional embodiment and ancient feminine mysteries for modern living. A deep reconnection and reclamation of your power and how you show up in life and relationships.

Here are what I need to know from you.


All successful applications will be announced personally via email and announced via social media channels also (please advise us if you do not want this to happen).

Here is the link to the 12 week training, would it be okay for you to share it on your page, tag some of your friends who you feel might be interested? And tag me also??


Much love!!! Mary

One Love Humanity Scholarships!!

A tribute of love offered to both women/men and teenagers who are struggling financially and /or mentally!

OLH is offering scholarships via our website, social media and a select number of charities/schools and RTO’S!

I am passionate about creating impact and inspiring a community of people to believe that they are supported, and that anything is possible!!! Money is simply ‘love on paper’!

I remember when I was struggling hard, I approached a number of organisations hopeful to have some support and was knocked back several times (even by churches). FK that!!! No one needs to suffer alone!

Our team will personally review each application and we will meet as a board to decide who is offered the scholarships. Anyone that isn’t offered the full mentorships/traineeships will be offered support in other ways!

If ANYONE feels called to work with me/One Love or our coaches and us called to the scholarships, please fill out the simple application process below and our admin angel will be in touch.
Pay it forward beauties! That’s what it’s about!!!

With love, Mary ♥️