One Love Humanity Scholarships!!

A tribute of love offered to both women/men and teenagers who are struggling financially, emotionally and /or mentally!

OLH is offering scholarships via our website, social media and a select number of charities/schools/NGO’S and RTO’S.

We are passionate about creating transformational change on a local and global level through educational empowerment programs that create lasting impact, while supporting and encouraging people to be a gift to themselves (personally and professionally) and be a gift to their communities.

Our team will personally review each application and we will meet as a board to decide who is offered the scholarships. Anyone that isn’t offered the full mentorships/traineeships will be offered support in other ways!

If you feel called to work with One Love Humanity and are seeking the scholarships, please fill out the simple application process below and our team will be in touch.

The true measure of life is to pay it forward.

All successful applications will be announced personally via email and announced via social media channels also (please advise us if you do not want this to happen).

Good luck on your application.

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