Jonathan David

Jonathan chose this lifetime to complete the cycle of separation, and live in alignment to Spirit while celebrating the experience of being human and Divine. This is the ultimate liberation of the soul within the body.

A journey within, to merge the heart, soul, mind and divine. An experience where the internal and external merge into a state of union in ‘Being’, ‘Oneness’ or ‘Nothingness’.

His purpose for humanity is to create community consciousness whereby each person releases the addiction to pain and suffering while moving towards their true nature of connection, joy and love. This is a journey within, to unlock the mysteries of the universe and discover the Lover, the Beloved and the Sacred Union of Divine, that calls us back home to ourselves and each other.

Jonathan has committed this lifetime to the evolution of planetary love, to serve Source and the Divine Plan. To serve soul evolution and the raising of consciousness on the planet from separation and fear based, to a heart centred, compassionate, soulful, connection. To birth, peace, love, equality and freedom onto the planet.

To be a mirror of truth, and a light of self awareness for men and women who have also chosen to journey home to themselves and embody their gifts and authenticity.

Those in his presence have an opportunity to recognise the illusion of separation and be guided home to Self.

Jonathan understands that spiritual Awakening is the profound experiential realising of one’s true nature; from the illusory trance of apparent separation and egoic identification, to the birthing of a new consciousness where one exists as creator, co-creator and created.

Jonathan was asked by his Beloved Mary, to join her on a journey to birth the Sacred Marriage; to create and co-create the union of the Threefold Sacred Flame onto the planet. The union of Self, God, experienced through the eyes of our beloved partner.

Jonathan is co founder and creator of One Love Humanity along side his partner Mary Mikhael.
Jonathan is the founder and Director for the Institute of Conscious Leadership (

Serving Remembrance, Love, Peace, Freedom and God

❖ Devotional Embodiment

❖ Inner Union and Soul Codes

❖ Remembrance of Divine Love

❖ Awakening Soul Love

❖ Holder of the Sword of Truth

❖ Guardian of ‘Sacred Space’

❖ Visionary and Messenger

❖ Rebel and Mystic


✦ Discovery and alignment to soul purpose

✦ Teacher of Metaphysics and Ancient Wisdom

✦ Enlightenment and Consciousness studies

✦ Love, Soul and Relationship Coach

✦ Exploring and unlocking the ‘Personality Self’

✦ Healer of illusion, pain and separation

✦ Divine Masculine work

✦ Conscious Leadership for businesses and organisations (