Loretta Venten

One Love Trainer

  • Executive and Organisational Coach
  • Certified Results Coach®
  • Positive Intelligence® (Mental Fitness) Coach,
  • Being Profile Practitioner®
  • Consultant, Facilitator and Mentor
  • Author of “Awaken You” – self-published poet
  • Vocal Sound and Energy Healer
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive and Organisational Coaching, Swinburne University
  • Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance Monash University
  • Bachelor of Economics (majoring in Accounting) Monash University
  • 35+ year career as a General Manager in Financial Services leading a business responsible for arranging syndicated financing for major corporations, projects and privatisations in Australia and internationally
  • Past longstanding Non – Executive Director of an Industry Association in the Financial Services Sector
  • Member, International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Senior Fellow, Financial Services Institute of Australasia

Loretta is a heart centred leader and now a founder of her own business Loretta Venten – New Directions, She has championed by example that women can be a devoted mother whilst still having a full time career. I am a mother of three children who now as adults are making their own way in the world. I juggled my previous longstanding fulltime career in financial services, as a “bread winner mum”, while my husband raised our three children from tiny babies right through to completion of their schooling. This has given me a true appreciation of the challenges that both women and men face raising children, traditional role reversal and the associated complexity of challenging and competitive work environments in all their diversity. In her previous work she has been involved in diversity and inclusion committees focussing on both gender and generational diversity.

Loretta knows that each person has unique gifts, talents and potential which often get stifled due toe life’s circumstances. As a coach and mentor, she aims to support individuals and work with corporations to fully step into their potential and their authentic hearted centred leadership. Loretta particularly supports mid to late stage career women and woman going through age and life stage transitions. As a Being Practitioner ®, using the Being Profile® she awakens people to there ways of being across their leadership and life areas. She is prolific poet, avid reader and is currently studying sound healing as more healing and unconditional love is much needed in our world.

She has worked with One Love Humanity since September 2020 as a consultant co-ordinating on-line women’s programs and leading woman’s circles. She was directly involved in One Love Humanity’s Global Summit in 2021 and assists in supporting One Love Humanity’s strategic direction. She has being a client of One Love Humanity since 2014, undertaken all of the women’s empowerment online programs and women’s retreats. Loretta strongly believes in the potential of One Love Humanity to actively support, with true compassion and empower women, men, families and communities from all walks of life and cultures through challenge and hardship so we can all fully utilise our gifts and experience more love, joy and peace.