We are at a sacred time in our evolution; a time of birthing a higher state of consciousness for ourselves & our beautiful planet.

One Love Humanity is an organization that is creating a movement in conscious awakening; for ourselves, our relationships and our communities.

To birth sacred relationship with ourselves as Divinity, the joining with our partners in sacred relationships, to create a new reality of Oneness & Divine Love in ourselves & all things.

This is for all people who hear the calling of their souls to journey home. To journey from separation to Oneness. To become the drop in the ocean, & the ocean in a drop.

The Journey


  • Learn to bring all aspects of ‘separation’ within ourselves back to a harmonious convergence of  Oneness within.
  • To hold the balance of Heaven and Earth. The balance and Beingness of Divine Consciousness (cosmic) within your body.
  • Recognizing and healing the Shadow self and all emotional pains.
  • Recognizing, learning to observe, release and heal all aspects of the ego, personality, and identity. Surrendering all the filters of separation, into the Love and Light of our True Self.
  • To be in harmonious concert with all parts of yourself.
  • To be in harmonious concert with all parts of yourself.
  • To journey from Knowingness to Beingness (I AM)

The Gift


  • To be the Gift
  • The Gift to ourselves (All that we have been searching for and longing for).
  • The Gift for our families, the community and our planet.
  • The Gift to fulfill our dharma (life purpose)
  • The Gift to creation. The Gift to God.

The Intergration


  • Higher Self and Physical Self
  • Light and Dark
  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Logic (mind / intellect) and Intuition