One Love Humanity Creed

We believe we are one species; one family.
That we belong to one community called ‘Humanity’.
That we are all husband and wives, fathers and mothers;
That love our children and our families.
That we are all sons and daughters of our parents, and of the Divine Creator.

Our Service is to our elders and children.

Our Service is to this planet we call home.
It is to all life on our earth.
To all the oceans and animals that live within.
To all the lands and the animals that walk upon.
And to all the skies and animals that fly within.

They are in our care;
Our planet is our responsibility for us to look after; for our children and children’s children.

We are body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Within our Soul, we are all Soul family; Soul Brothers and Sisters.
Within our Sprit, we are all One.

We Believe our Heart is the doorway to Our soul and spirit.
We Believe our love is the doorway to connecting to everyones heart, soul and spirit.

We Believe our Soul is eternal.
We Believe our Spirit is eternity.

We Believe our Soul is the great gift from God.
It houses the gift of imagination and free will.
It is where we create our Soul journey.
A journey to come home to the Beloved;
And once home to serve in the continual unfoldment of God’s Divine Plan.

We Believe we all share the same Journey.
Our Journey is the journey of separation back to Unity.
The journey back home to God.

The journey where we surrender the craziness of our ego minds;
Into the peace, love and connection of the Divine.
To discover the Kingdom within; to create and experience the Kingdom without and in Service to all.

We Believe in one God.
We Believe that each of use has a Divine connected with God.
Our soul mission is to come back into the realisation and experience of this; in this life or the next.

We Believe the path to God is unique to you.
For as you are unique, so is your journey.
Your pain, hurt doubts, fear, anger, jealousy, are unique to you;
and so is your journey of Healing and Forgiveness.

All religions serve to bring you back to God.

So if your religion and community brings you love, peace, compassion, joy and happiness;
Then it serves you well. Continue with this path.

But if your current life is sad or heavy. If you feel lost, or are searching for more.
Know there is another path that can bring you home.
A path that serves you, and all life on our planet.

Be aware of any organisation that breeds hate, terrorism, persecution and war.
This does not serve Humanity.
This does not serve this Planet.
This does not serve God.

Your responsibility is to your Soul.
Your responsibility is to your journey of Divine Connection.
Your responsibility starts with yourself.
So you may be a gift for Others.

We have Faith and Trust in God.
We ask for Forgiveness.
We pray for Mercy.

Our Cornerstone is Love, Connection, Peace, Relationships and Service.
Built on the Foundation of Trust and Faith in God and in Divine Plane.
Our Path embodies family, humanitarian service, devotion, prayer, meditation, and the contemplation of Holy Writings so true Wisdom can be born.

How do you want to live your life?
What legacy do you want to leave?

Our legacy, is to fulfil our Vision.

What is yours?