Practitioner Training Program



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Practitioner Training Program One Love Humanity Practitioners Training

Program Agreement: Sacred Marriage Venue and Dates for 2019 TBA

One Love Humanity Vision, Mission and Values ONE LOVE HUMANITY VISION

  • One Love Humanity’ holds the keys to connect to the masses; to awaken within each of us a Love Revolution.
  • A movement in conscious awakening; for ourselves, our relationships and our communities.
  • To collectively shift the heart of humanity; birthing a unified race where Oneness,
  • Divine Love and Harmony is created for all people, communities and our planet.
  • One Planet.
  • One Humanity.
  • One Love.

Together, we can build a movement for the next evolutionary blueprint for our earth. ONE LOVE HUMANITY MISSION Teachings for the expansion of human consciousness, the union of Sacred  Marriages, conscious relationships and communities; to embody and manifest change through education, spiritual wisdom and practices. ONE LOVE HUMANITY VALUES Leadership: You lead you, and other people are inspired to lead themselves. An effective team shares and upholds the same Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs. Shared values create a common culture. Advancement: Moving toward the One Love Humanity Vision and Mission (for One Love Humanity, One Love Humanity clients, and for ourselves) Excellence: We will pursue professionalism and ‘highest quality delivery’ in all we do. Our goal is to exceed all internal and external expectations. Constantly providing superior quality service. Innovation: Researching and implementing the latest technology in products and services Development: We seek and provide personal, professional and company growth opportunities through the learning and development of ourselves, our team members, and our clients. Commitment: We understand and are aligned with One Love Humanity Values, Vision and Mission. We are committed to the success of our clients, the company and all its members. Responsibility: Taking 100% ownership/accountability for all our actions and outcomes. We are pro active in everything that we do and can work individually and as part of a team. Respect: “Respect the individual, Respect the team.” We respect each other, our similarities, our differences. We respect successes and learn from failures. Treating others the same way we would like to be treated. Showing fairness, dignity and compassion at all times, and treating people justly and equitably. We focus on building relationships, seeing the Divinity in each person and honoring each persons Journey with love and compassion. Integrity: We put the needs of the greater good (client, One Love Humanity etc) above our own personal needs. Making the ‘highest’ choice (right / best) even though no one would ever know if you made a lesser choice. Culture: Build and uphold the One Love Humanity’ culture by holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable to the One Love Humanity’ Vision, Mission and Values. Abundance: Being an open channel for manifestation and receiving energy flow in the form of financial prosperity, goodness, infinite opportunity and possibility, and support from a universe that wants us to succeed and align to mission. Creating a life driven by the calling of our heart and soul; free of limitations that may stop us living to our truth and potential. For us, and for all who journey with us. Service: Extending our contribution for the expansion of human conscious to human kind and the planet. Being of Service to the One Love Humanity organization, Vision and Mission. Supporting and working in alignment with the One Love Humanity clients, global tribe and team (practitioners, consultants, employees etc). Love: Love for Self; love for life and our journey. Love for God. For creation and all of life. For our Guides and Angels. For the Divinity within us, and within all our brothers and sisters. Love for community and love for planet. Balance: Mastering every aspect of life equally and maintaining connection of mind, body, soul, family, health, purpose, financial, well being, adventure, rest creativity and time alone for self reflection. Consciousness: A commitment to living from our authentic state of being ‘awake’ and ‘aware’ of ones personal thoughts, behaviors, intuitive, physical and spiritual process, our environment and external events taking place. Joy: A deep desire in cultivating laughter, play, excitement, raptured bliss, heart openness and passion in our connection to self and in our interaction with others. I agree to hold myself and other One Love Humanity Practitioners and employees accountable to the One Love Humanity Vision, Mission and Values.