THE AWAKENED MAN ~ ‘The Rise of the Conscious Masculine'

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Retreat Dates: TBA October 2022

This package also includes our signature online program for the Awakened Man retreat.
MAN LOVE ~ ‘Manhood, God and Relationships’
Activation Program


Welcome Brother, 

I would love to invite you to join me and a group of rising male warriors as we journey together to re-awaken the Divine Masculine imprint on the planet. Take a journey that will fundamentally alter your experience of manhood and the world. Improve every relationship starting with your relationship to yourself. Show up as the man, husband, partner, friend, and brother that you know you really are.

Your retreat immersion is a personal reclamation of your empowered conscious leadership and awakening.

Throughout much of history, man has held the honor, the opportunity and the power to shape the world. He has held the potential for countries, communities, and families to rise and fall.

Now is the time for the Awakened man; the rise of the conscious masculine to reclaim his sacred responsibility to protect the earth, and deeply anchor his actions in united consciousness, integrity and equal power in relationship dynamics with both man and woman.

A man who embodies the keys to presence, awareness, and compassion fully takes his space in the world. He sees 'life'  as his playground for co-creation, pro-creation, purpose and grounds his empowered action into reality.

This is a very special program that includes:

  1. Man Love ~ ‘Manhood, God and Relationships’ Activation Program (online)
    This is our online Introductory Program for the Awakened Man Retreat and includes a series of videos (teachings, meditations, exercises, rituals, etc), assignments and webinars so that you are prepared for your 8-day Retreat experience with us.
  2. The Awakened Man ~ ‘The Rise of the Conscious Masculine’ 8-day Retreat.
  3. Access to the One Love Humanity Conscious Community Page.
  4.  Access to exclusive live and filmed videos.
  5.  Exclusive access to Mary or Jonathan with our six-month ‘Soul Fire’ Mentoring Program.

Only available to people who have done a Retreat with us, or are booked into one of our Retreats.

To request the Mentoring Program, please contact our office at: [email protected]


The Awakened Man



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Total Value $9,600

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