One Love Humanity is really passionate about broadening the community’s understanding of living a heart-centred and soulful life by being aware of our intuitive, emotional and physical intelligence.

One Love Humanity wants to create conscious change in the world, and always feels honoured when asked to speak about topics that will facilitate this. One Love Humanity has access to a team of inspired facilitators across many spectrums.

Whether it is to businesses, groups or organisations, the deep intuitive wisdom and information One Love Humanity facilitators speak about, can have a strong and lasting impact, helping listeners to reconnect with themselves, with humanity and the Earth.

Here is what you will learn:

Open Yourself Up To Greater Purpose, Passion & Pleasure Connect On A Deeper Level With Your Children,
Friends & Colleagues

  • Live beyond fear, robotic programming, stress and worry
  • Increase confidence, self esteem, and self worth
  • Reignite your passions and live in alignment to your soul destiny
  • Heal from abuse, trauma, core wounding – let go of the past
  • Re-establish your connection with life, nature, your mind-body & soul
  • Re-establish healthy boundaries that are anchored in self honour
  • Learn to trust yourself, you innate intuitive wisdom
  • Understand relationship dynamics and different love languages
  • Understand your life cycle and rites of passage
  • Improve the quality of your communication
  • Improve your wellbeing, including emotional, mental and physical health
  • Learn more about your emotions, feelings and intimacy
  • Deeply improve your relationships with Self, Partner and Family
  • Humanitarian leadership and change
  • Heart-centred spirituality, soulfulness, unity consciousness and the quantum field
  • Operate from your entire being and not just your minds or ego
  • Bring back more devotion and loving rituals back into your life
  • Access tools to go within, so you can understand yourself better
  • Find ways to experience more creativity, prosperity, wealth and abundance
  • Release scarcity consciousness

Presentation Topics

  • Soulful Leadership & Humanitarian Leadership
  • Self Love, Intimacy and Self Sovereignty
  • Overcoming Trauma & Abuse
  • Body Image and Beauty
  • Loving, Intimate Relationships & the Sacred Marriage, Conscious Partnerships & Connections
  • Intuitive Intelligence and Emotional Alchemy
  • Gateways to the Soul
  • Embodiment, Sexuality & Sensuality
  • Devotion, Commitment and Trust
  • Rites of Passage for Women & Men
  • Self Initiation
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Archetypes in Relationships and Society
  • Personal change and collective transformation
  • Purpose, Passion & Power
  • Overcoming Fear and Living in Alignment to Love & Desire
  • Manifestation & the Power of Intention
  • Shadow, Psyche and the Deep Sub-Conscious
  • Boundaries and Personal Integrity
  • Radical Commitment
  • Spirit Visionary
  • Human Energetics
  • Connection to Nature, the Cycles, the Elements and the Eco-System
  • Living a life of Magic, Creativity, Fulfilment, Prosperity and Abundance
  • Creating Ceremony & Rituals in your Life
  • Feminine and Masculine – acting in a Healthy and Wounded Way



One Love Humanity is strongly committed to empowering women, men, couples, families, communities, government and organisations


One Love Humanity is available to speak to organisations holding online summits with domestic and international reach. They might be women’s summits or an event with a specific humanitarian nature.


Businesses, Groups or organisations seeking inspired and enlightened information/ thought leadership on heart centred leadership, creating conscious relationships and communities whether they are personal, in business or community. Tailored to specific agendas or online.