A few words on the Goddess Rise Retreat with Mary Mikhael. Wow Wow Wow!!!

What a profoundly incredible 4 days, spent shifting and healing with such beautiful powerful women!! Healing and reconnecting not only our own Divine Feminine but also for Collective!!

Mary Angelique Mikhael you are a true Divine Goddess embodied in all her infinite glory; you hold lover, mother, priestess, and warrior!! You my dear hold such sacred space with depth, equality, authenticity, purity, love, heart, soul, embodiment, power, vulnerability and compassion; journeying alongside each of us with such care and honor. You are simply magic, and the gifts you carry words can simply not describe.

Thank you for holding me and opening the Gateway of incredible Awakening I have had this weekend!

I have never really understood ‘the Sisterhood’ but today I feel I have been initiated into the Sisterhood, into the Goddess, into the Moon and all the Divine Feminine ways of Being.

I feel like I can admire the beauty of women, the beauty of a sister’s inequality and pure love. Sisters … today I see you.. what an incredible gift.

Thank you to all the beautiful women who journey this weekend, such sacredness, intimacy, trusting and vulnerable space was created. And although I didn’t get to connect with you all… I feel such deep love and connection with each of you; with the Sisterhood. Thank you.

Today I also realized that my journey has always been to awaken the Lover within me, before sharing the love with another in a relationship. My own lover has now awakened and I am soo friggin in love deeply and authentically with me!!! Wow!!!Such a magical gift!

I have also healed, let go of fear, embarrassment, guilt, shame and reconnected with my own intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality calling back and reclaiming my power back and my voice! With my divine feminine and the gift, it is to be a women/goddess.

Soo incredible and I feel such gratitude, love, and devotion for my journey back into love, lover and beloved.

Thank you, Mary, for the gift of you

And like Wow! The incredible healing and change that has occurred for the Collective over the last couple of days.

Thank you, goddesses, for your bravery to go deep ❤❤❤❤

So much love!

Life is exciting