My head is spinning, racing so fast and my heart is exploding in my chest.

I’ve just been on a journey over the past 4 days; a deep, deep soul journey into the darkness and light of myself as the Goddess that I am. The dance of my wild woman still pulsating fresh in my veins, the softness of my lover still lingering fresh on my lips.

Having come through such a huge huge roller coaster and battle of wanting to show up for myself versus hiding in the old conditioned story of my life as I know it, the way it ‘should’ be full of expectations.

Drinking the wine of liberation, the nectar of my very essence and accepting, embracing and honoring my souls journey. Heart explosions EVERYWHERE.

Feeling a quiet peace, a serenity of truth that wasn’t there before, or at least I hadn’t accessed it for what it truly is. Grateful. Soooo grateful for the knowledge and experience now ingrained even deeper into my bones.

Although my head is spinning there is a calm in me, a steady stream of purpose.  A joy and softness that’s filling me up to the brim this post-retreat-night.

Thank you Mary Mikhael for facilitating such an incredible, raw and honest space and to everyone who shared that magic with me.

I love you all.