For as long as I can remember I have been conditioned by fear and unworthiness. I have drowned in the lowest of lows only to sink further into self-loathing and harm. I was lost in a world where I struggled to belong. I yearned for the purpose only to find defeat.

Last year I received a gift and that divine gift was Mary Mikhael. My heart trusted and followed her Light which in the past 4 days led me into a personal journey of self-discovery and conscious awakening. The tears flowed as I surrendered and released lifetimes of persecution and pain.

To the beautiful women who allowed me to nurture and be nurtured, I am grateful for your unconditional love. And to the Goddess and Warrior who believed in me from the first moment our eyes met, I am privileged to receive your loving guidance and I am honored to be in your divine presence, Mary.

Because of you, I can see again, I can feel again, I can breathe again