Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Goddess Embodiment Retreat with the fabulously Divine Mary Angelique Mikhael. I was taken on a powerful soul enriching journey that brought up past and current fears and allowed me to see them in a renewed light with forgiveness, and giving me the power and gift to nurture my true essence as a female; to be all that I Am destined to be.

At times I felt like Alice in the looking glass, who had stumbled down the rabbit hole into the unknown consciousness; only to be reborn.

I am so very grateful to Mary for being apart of my life and I being apart of her life.

I highly recommended to anyone who has not yet attended one of Mary’s retreats or mediation sessions to explore the opportunity to cultivate emotions and strengths that have been hidden deep for generations to spring forward in abundance.

I thank you Mary and all my sisters for standing alongside me. ❤❤