Looking into the mirror and not connecting to who you are is a monumental sign that we are not in alignment. I’ve been feeling this for months now, trying to look deeper to find that connection; the problem was I couldn’t see me. But I was desperate to see me, the more evolved and centered me. I looked each day but still nothing.

So I stopped looking.

I immersed myself in sessions with Mary Angelique Mikhael, attending One Love Humanity mediations and retreats, trusting and respecting the process and embracing whatever came up for me but most importantly I felt safe as Mary created a space of love and healing during Goddess Rising Part 2 Retreat over the weekend.

Mary’s priestess, lover and warrior guided me through shadows, initiation and love to emerge a re birth, an all encompassing re birth that lifted the veil from my eyes.

Today and every day I am humbly grateful Mary and I’m also honored to see you.

During the retreat a beautiful friend reminded me that hair has memory and I instantly thought back to when chemo caused my hair loss. After shaving what remained, I stood in front of the mirror, opened my eyes and for the first time I saw my soul. Today I honor that moment and my journey.  Today I relive that moment because my soul needed to see me again.