When I first met Mary and Jay last year I intuitively knew they were special and I also knew I was going to journey with them, and after separating from my ex-husband nearly 2 years ago I had a lot of healing to go through.

Not only from my marriage breakdown and the numbness I felt from being in survival mode for a few years and my lower chakras being completely shut down but from my past…my history of the mother wound, the father wound and also the shame & guilt I felt from a very young age around my sexuality.

Over the last 18 months I had worked on my mindset and did all the inner work but there was something missing I hadn’t worked on healing my Divine Feminine; she was still scarred and hurting. My desire to heal my relationship with the Divine Masculine was also very strong especially after my history of repeated failed relationships due to my father wound. So when the opportunity arose for me to attend the Goddess Embodiment Retreat, I embraced it with open arms and I’m so happy I did.

Mary’s work is so profound and heals you on such a deep cellular level. Each process was healing, the rebirthing, the activations, the transmissions and the transmutations….

She is a powerhouse priestess warrior woman & she held the space in such a safe and sacred presence which made me feel so comfortable to let go and allow the healing to truly begin…

The shifts and transformations I experienced in the 4 days was phenomenal and I’ve walked away feeling like a completely different person.

I feel free and I feel such a deep sense of self like I’ve come home to myself and it’s helped awaken me to the next phase on my journey which is reclaiming my sexuality and my sensuality.

If you feel the call to fully awaken to your true self and heal those parts of you that you know need healing and to help you embody the goddess within then I highly recommend any of Mary’s work but especially the Goddess Embodiment Retreat❤.