A few words on the Goddess Rise Retreat with Mary Mikhael. Wow Wow Wow!!!

What a profoundly incredible 4 days, spent shifting and healing with such beautiful powerful women!! Healing and reconnecting not only our own Divine Feminine but also for Collective!!

Mary Angelique Mikhael you are a true Divine Goddess embodied in all her infinite glory; you hold lover, mother, priestess and warrior!!You my dear hold such sacred space with depth, equality, authenticity, purity, love, heart, soul, embodiment, power, vulnerability and compassion; journeying along side each of us with such care and honor. You are simply magic, and the gifts you carry words can simply not describe.

Thank you for holding me and opening the Gateway of incredible Awakening I have had this weekend!

I have never really understood ‘the Sisterhood’ but today I feel I have been initiated into the Sisterhood, into the Goddess, into the Moon and all the Divine Feminine ways of Being.

I feel like I can admire the beauty of a women, beauty of a sister in equality and pure love. Sisters … today I see you.. what an incredible gift.

Thank you to all the beautiful women who journey this weekend, such sacredness, intimacy, trusting and vulnerable space was created. And although I didn’t get to connect with you all… I feel such deep love and connection with each of you; with the Sisterhood. Thank you.

Today I also realised that my journey has always been to awaken the Lover within me, before sharing love with another in a relationship. My own lover has now awakened and I am soo friggin in love deeply and authentically with me!!! Wow!!!Such a magical gift!

I have also healed, let go off fear, embarrassment, guilt, shame and reconnected with my own intimacy, sensuality and sexuality calling back and reclaiming my power back and my voice! With my divine feminine and the gift it is to be women/goddess.

Soo incredible and I feel such gratitude, love and devotion for my journey back into love, lover and beloved.

Thank you Mary for the gift of you

And like Wow! The incredible healing and change that has occurred for Collective over the last couple of days.

Thank you goddesses for your bravery to go deep ❤❤❤❤

So much love!

Life is exciting


The Goddess Rise Retreat was such an incredible time of raw emotion, healing and reconnection with so many releases and shifts with other truly beautiful women. In our few days together, I have discovered an even more deeper love for others and within myself!

Mary Mikhael, you are one magical woman!! The space you held for each and every one of us was so incredible and I feel so much gratitude and love for you, and I feel privileged to receive so much guidance and wisdom from someone as gifted as you.

The journey you took us on words simply can not describe! The tears, the laughter, new learning’s, letting go and all of the releasing moments. I absolutely loved every minute of it!

You are the most raw, honest, and powerfully gifted person and I want to thank you for being my friend, my Divine Sister, and for being the beautiful Goddess that you are ❤❤❤

Love you xxx

And… can’t wait for the Goddess Retreat II .. it will be epic!!


The Divine Goddess I Retreat

For as long as I can remember I have been conditioned by fear and unworthiness. I have drowned in the lowest of lows only to sink further into self loathing and harm. I was lost in a world where I struggled to belong. I yearned for purpose only to find defeat.

Last year I received a gift and that divine gift was Mary Mikhael. My heart trusted and followed her Light which in the past 4 days led me into a personal journey of self discovery and conscious awakening. The tears flowed as I surrendered and released lifetimes of persecution and pain.

To the beautiful women who allowed me to nurture and be nurtured, I am grateful for your unconditional love. And to the Goddess and Warrior who believed in me from the first moment our eyes met, I am privileged to receive your loving guidance and I am honored to be in your divine presence Mary.

Because of you I can see again, I can feel again, I can breathe again


So I just spent 4 days deep deep deep at ‘The Divine Goddess I Retreat’ run by Mary Mikhael after the Universe literally kicked my butt in there. Last minute and it all just aligned as it does when it’s meant to be, right?

I’ve been asked by a few of you what was the most amazing part? – and I literally can’t pick one. My mind, soul and heart are still blown out in love and gratitude and I’m definitely integrating still.

I fought with my mind so much over these couple of days but every time I did, Mary, this incredible woman, with her beautiful heart and soul, would just know and be there. At one point I was down crying out of fear and pain I do not know where that came from but it’s irrelevant and part of the journey; only to a few minutes later be hysterically laughing in the most freeing of laughter. She held me and the other beautiful Goddesses in such power but yet so gentle, allowing us to really know and feel the answers or perhaps questions inside of us. I love when I get to think for myself and not just be fed if you know what I mean.

Cracked right open, so many shifts, releases, aha moments and through it all such delicious, unconditional love. For my sisters, for my brothers, for the world.

Raw, wild, surprising AF (not gonna spoil the surprise for someone else wanting to do it, and trust me you won’t regret it), beautiful connections and one heck of a journey.

I am not the same woman now as when I walked in that’s for sure , excited to see where it will land before taking flight again. I learnt so much, laughed so much and loved so much .

Thank you Mary from the bottom of my heart. So so grateful for you and the space you held for me

We are at a sacred time in our evolution; a time of birthing a higher state of consciousness for ourselves & our beautiful planet.



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