Love, Intimacy, Relationships & The Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage – The Power of Intimacy

8 Day Retreat

This Retreat is for couples or individuals wishing to
understand, explore and create their ideal relationship.

Journey into Divine Sacred Relationships, love and consciousness; the dance of polarities between the masculine and feminine flame, and the rise of the ancient lovers, past duality and separation, and into the pure connection of Oneness.

The Sacred Marriage focuses on the Merge within and without. It is experiencing the Divine through the eyes of another. Here couples co-create a conscious relationship where honesty, faith, trust, freedom, joy and happiness are shared equally, standing on the foundations of Divine Love.

Here the masculine and feminine aspects can merge in peace and love; creating alignment of the mind, body, spirit, heart and soul. It is a wonderful grand adventure for two lovers to share in the experience we call life.

These teachings have been locked away for centuries and are now finally being taught to people all across the world to assist in raising our planetary consciousness and to shift the heart of humanity. You will unveil the universal truths of the Yin/Yang, Shiva-Shakti, the merge of the lovers, and the DNA codes of our initial soul memory. 

Each participant, whether in a relationship or not, will discover their own innate connection, and also the intimate connections and contracts they share with their beloved.

This deep and mystical retreat immersion is delivered in two parts. In part one ‘Awakening the Lover’ we explore the union of two sovereign individuals coming to a meeting place that reflects the meeting space of the inner beloved, two wholes not two halves fully connected and anchored to spirit first, accessing the soul alchemy of penetrating this love within another individual. Exploration of relationship archetypal dynamics, the art of intimate communication and vulnerability, as well as creating a safe sacred container.

Gateways will open and so the journey begins. You will discover:

  • Exploring your current beliefs, desires, expectations for your relationship.
  • Understanding each person’s journey and how to support it.
  • Exploring your Shadow Self, recognizing and healing repressed emotions, fears and trauma’s.
  • Chakra System (healthy and shadow)
  • Current template for relationships and designing a new conscious template for relationships for the planet and ourselves.
  • Female and Male unhealthy patterns
  • Archetypes: understanding the difference between Archetypes in Karmic Relationships and in Sacred Marriage
  • Communication – creating trust and openness and the ability  to hold space and to deal with difficult situations
  • Exploring the different consciousness levels in relationships.
  • Creating a safe container
  • Creating boundaries
  • Letting go of competition, division and separation
  • Healing and profound Meditation Journeys
  • Based on your gained wisdom from this retreat, you will design and create your ideal relationship.

In part two Celebrating the Lover’, the Divine romance is born; meeting and merging with the Beloved within and without; a journey into the depths of spiritual commitment, soul alchemy, the power of creation and co creation. The rise of the ancient lovers; past duality and separation, and into the pure connection of Oneness. This is a master level initiation, integration and embodied journey into devotional love, ritual, the art of worship, temple arts, sacred sexuality, shadow work and deep intimate connection.

Gateways will open and so the journey begins. You will discover:

  • Exploring the Sacred Marriage – the alchemy of Divine Sacred Union. A relationship is a place to practice love.
  • How to be ‘free’ in your relationship. What is it that you can really create and experience in your relationship?
  • The Merge of both polarities
  • Sacred sexuality and Divine Union
  • Intimacy
  • Initiation
  • Self embodiment

The Retreat will also include:

  • Daily meditation journeys and yoga
  • Delicious vegetarian meals

These Retreats are for individuals and couples.

Our teachings come from divine wisdom and holds a high consciousness and vibration that connects people to their hearts and souls.

The destiny of the Sacred Marriage is to create balance and equality in relationships; to create harmony from chaos and expand love through manifestation, consciousness and co-creation.

Congratulations on taking this conscious step toward your own Sacred Marriage and Conscious Relationship. We are so looking forward to meeting you and going on this Sacred Journey together. Prepare yourself for many huge transformations.

In Divine Unconditional Love,

Mary Mikhael Angelique & Jonathan David

Keepers of the Beloved Sacred Flame

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