One Love Humanity has worked with hundreds of women from all walks of life, who have been at various ages and stages in their personal journeys as they have navigated their own self love, their intimate partnerships, family relationships, friendships, as well as their community and professional relationships. Throughout these journeys in many instances, the impact of trauma in all its guises was a key factor.

In the coaching, mentoring and healing individual sessions facilitated (either face to face or via Zoom) many women in differing cultures and society have been assisted to confront, heal, recover and prosper by recognising who they truly are, celebrating their own magnificence and all the gifts they have within as embodied women living today.

The main focuses of OLH’s work in relation to women, centres around the core themes of:

  • Developing and deepening Intimate relationships
  • Sensuality and sexuality
  • Feminine embodiment
  • Body love and empowerment after shame
  • Womb work
  • Trauma in all its forms
  • Ancestral and transgenerational wounding
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Spiritual, religious and cultural abuse
  • Bullying and
  • Domestic Violence

Women’s work is deep inner work, working down into the embodied shadow to uncover and release trauma wounding to assist women live a more deeper, passionate and vibrant life.

In addition to individual coaching, mentoring and healing sessions, One Love Humanity also conducts online Group Mentoring Sessions through extensive eLearning Mentoring programs enabling women to explore, the depth of their embodied being, their spirituality, their devotion, their sovereignty and their leadership through the feminine archetypes. these programs enable a shared experience for women as they journey together and continue to support each other through the group and individual experiences outside of the transmission work. OnLine Program 

For many years, One Love Humanity has also conducted women’s retreats both in Australia and internationally to provide the face to face experience where each woman can work with her essence and the divine feminine in relaxed and reflective settings. These retreats are transformative, devotional, meditative and embodied involving deep process work, dancing, ceremony and sisterhood. Women who have attended are always grateful that they have gifted themselves the experience to honour their sacred self and enter into a deeper relationship with the depth of their heart, mind, soul, sex and spirit. Retreats